Building Link is a system used by residential buildings all over the world. Its purpose is to allow residents to reserve amenities, check-in on packages, and ultimately allow them to communicate with their property managers. Their new feature is partnering with Latch, a digital key app that residents open their apartments with.


DesignLab Work
May 12th 2020- May 30th


User Experience
Visual Design


Marcella Winograd
Tulsi Desai - Mentor


The process for this project inculded the following


Competitive Audit
User Interviews
User Painpoints


Research Plan


Research Plan
Site Map
Task Flow
Wire Frame


Interactive Prototypes


Mentor Critiques
User Testing


Details Fixing


Details Fixing


With not many websites and applications offering the same Building Link looked to be the leader. However, when I research the digital lock portion, many brands camp up like Latch, KELO, and My Home.

Tech Savy

-Bugs and glitches
-Human error on the other end of the application

-Knows everything about current tech
-Wants to make his life easier by using technology

Nervous Nelly

-Saftey in context of hackers and someone breaking into her apartment

-Feeling safe and that her property is safe
-The ease of use, to track her packages, and daily life technology

The All in One

-Needs to have everything together and not use several apps and sites to get what she needs
-Wants life to be at her fingertips on one device

-Personal info remaining safe

During the interviews, it was clear to see everyone on board with the idea of having one app to communicate with the property. The keyless entry is what possed problems. Most wanted to know how it would we keep them safe and is it hackable, but the idea was exciting to them. One interviewee already uses Latch but liked the idea of having it connect to Building Link, instead of using several sites.



In the beginning stages, I took what I wanted the application to cover and what I found most important. As I built out the application and tested with users, the site map became more complex with features. Below is the second version after the first round of user testing.


For this project, I wanted to show my hand at design. I have been in love with neomorphism and wanted to create a modern and unique looking design with it. To take my project to the next level I added the trend of the option, Dark & Light mode. From the beginning, I knew this application needs to be simple for all ages to use. I wanted a sleek and modern user experience that didn't take much thinking. I toyed with different log in approaches and the end, chose face/touch ID to get in. I added the idea of an apple watch design for the future use to be added on all devices.


With over 6 participants, each was excited and wished this application would exist for their own living needs. The number one concern was if someone who had difficulty seeing would be able to use this application. I then tested it on a user who is color blind. He said the dark mode was easier for him to see but he had no issues with the application. One tester was above the age of 45 and was a bit unsure about keyless entry but said “ if the management has an actual key and this application I would prefer to have both, just in case”

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